Rowleys Japanese Spitz

Rowleys Japanese Spitz
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Welcome to our passion!

Rowley's Kennel - we are a small home-based breeding with over 50 years experience.

Our breeding lines are descended from the first imports that came to Sweden in 1973 imported by Alvretens Kennel.

Our first dog we acquired in 1975 and we have been active with the breed since then, we also believe that these wonderful dogs can be more than just beautiful. We have worked with both obedience, tracking and agility with our dogs. Nowadays we still enjoy showing to validate our progeny


We raise our puppies in a home environment with the best possible conditions.

All puppies are handled, used to a normal everyday life. Our ambitions are to keep the breed healthy, wholesome and yet typical of the breed without attraction to “popularity breeding”.

Anyone who wants to aquire a puppy from us might find there is a waiting list for about 1-2 years. We have exported to Norway, Denmark, Finland, Australia, USA, England, France, Belgium, Holland, Israel and Slovenia.

Nothing we do lightly – but if there are good reasons, we are happy to make an effort…

NOTE: References needed – no puppies travel alone

Breeding Goals

We try to maintain our old breed typical lines and mix them with unrelated imported dogs to maintain a genetic variation and a healthy breed.

We follow the breed club recommendations are perform health screening where it is needed.

Japanese Spitz in your home

A JS is a great companion for the dedicated dog owner.

They love activities and going for walks, running in the forest as well as the beach. They are not meant to be “every man’s dog” meaning they are mostly not particularly interested in interaction with strangers no matter dogs or people.

They will guard by barking, which needs to be acknowledged from a young age. Life expectancy is 12 – 14 years and the breed is considered free from genetic issues.

Note: There are some cases around the world with PRA, patella luxation, Elbow dysplasia and recently we have found some heart-related issues. Still, there is not a big number so we can say it is a genetic disease.

But the key here is keeping the breed healthy by not doing too many close-line breedings and using unrelated stock.

If you have further questions, you are welcome to give a ring or email us. We receive puppy inquiries all year round and the puppy buyers who are approved will receive all information about the litters they are waiting for.
Our puppies are mainly sold as companion dogs, with a high standard.
We help you choose the puppy that suits your conditions and requirements, although the finished product can never be guaranteed.